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The Times

March 20th, 1913

A scheme for improving the facilities for loading stone at Craster, Northumberland, where extensive whinstone quarries are situated about 200 yards from the harbour, has been sanctioned recently by the Board of Trade. In order to load it has been necessary for steamers to go alongside the north and south quays, and, owing to the shallow water at these berths, they have been limited in size to about 350 tons carrying capacity.

The new loading plant will consist of an aerial ropeway to transport the road stone from the quarries to the south pier-head, the point at which the water is deepened, and here it will be dropped into storage bins of about 1,000 tons capacity. These bins will be arranged in the form of three elliptical wells, the section of each being 16ft. by 10ft., and the depth 50ft. They will be constructed of vertical timber shuttering supported against the horizontal pressure of the stone by a large number of hoops of flat steel bar, each hoop being interlaced with structural timber extending from the top to the bottom of each well, and strongly braced to resist wind pressure. The bins will be mounted on a reinforced concrete bridge spanning the pier-head, and the level of the six discharging doors at the bottom of the bins will be 23 ft. above high water ordinary spring tides. From these doors the stone will gravitate along shoots into the holds of steamers alongside.

The new berth will accommodate steamers up to 1,000 tons capacity, and it is expected that, with the new plant, which will be ready for service in the course of the next few weeks, it will be possible to ship this quantity of stone within two hours.

The ropeway is being constructed by Messrs. J. M. Henderson and Co., of Aberdeen, and the storage bins have been designed by Mr. A. H. Clark, of Messrs. McLaren and Prowde (Limited), of Newcastle-on-Tyne, the lessees of Craster Whinstone Quarries.

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