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These pages are here to provide a direct link to matters of interest as they arise.

An account given by Geoff Forster of working at Craster quarry in 1935:

Short article on the tragic drownings of four brothers of the Smailes family in the mid 19th century, commemorated in a poem specially written for them.

List of fishing tragedies compiled by Eva Archbold

Plan of a harbour for Craster designed in 1898 by the Newcastle civil engineers, Sandeman and Moncrieff.

A poster advertising the laying of the foundation stone from Craster Methodist Chapel

At the 2010 AGM, Pam Owen gave a very interesting talk on the history of 'Education in Craster and Dunstan - Before our Memory' using the paper record. This file is a Power Point presentation, but it can be opened in Open Office (See I.T.).

The photograph used as the title image on every page came from a postcard in the collection of Eva Archbold, which was made available by Jack Browell. It captures the demolition of the smokehouse on Dunstanburgh Road.

Craster and Dunstan busy with tourists who are 'packed like herrings'.

Craster Quarry

Loss of Four Brothers

Fishermen in Peril

Harbour Plan


'Education in Craster & Dunstan' Talk


Hot off the Press in 1918

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