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The Missing of the Somme

Photograph taken from an exhibition at The Thiepval Memorial Visitors' Centre, May 2011, showing soldiers lost during the Somme campaign in 1916 whose bodies were not recovered or identified. The Memorial itself bears 72,000 names.

The Craster War Memorials Project represents an act of remembrance; to ensure that the men of Craster who died serving their country are remembered in a more complete way than simply as a list of names. To this end we have sought to discover as much as we could about the men, their families and their personal circumstances.

The information presented here comes mainly from research on the internet and in places of record such as Bailiffgate Museum, Woodhorn, the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Museum and so on. Very few of the men on the war memorial have family still living in the area who can tell their story. If any family members read these pages and would like to add to the history here, then please get in touch.

A consequence of using published sources is that while we can find out much that helps us construct a story for most of the men, details of their individual fates are not typically available. We might be able to say, for example, that a man's regiment was on the Somme the day he died or that his ship was sunk under specific circumstances, but we can go no further.

However, much has been learned and there were many moments during the research when information discovered led to sombre reflection upon the momentous events the men were caught up in and the tragic consequences for them, their families and the local community.

This project takes its inspiration from the North East War Memorials Project, whose aims are to:

  • Educate the public;

  • Assist historical research for the public benefit;

  • Foster patriotism and good citizenship.

by publishing and maintaining an inventory and catalogue of War Memorials in the North East of England.

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