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The Second World War, 1939 - 1945

"World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history. Over 60 million people were killed." (Wikipedia) Nearly half of these casualties were in the Soviet Union. The same source estimates that the U.K. suffered 383,600 military deaths and 67,100 civilian.

The fallen of Craster and Dunstan are remembered on the memorial tablets in St Peter's Church and Craster Methodist Chapel and on the memorial in Spitalford Cemetery.

Remembrance Day, Craster 2010
Remembrance Day 2010 - From left to right Peter Brown, Jimmy Hall, Jack Browell and Andrew Browell. Kevin Brown in the background. Photographed after the Remembrance Day service at St Peter the Fisherman, Craster.

Craster in World War Two

1. Five men who died in the conflict are remembered on the local war memorials. Four of them were residents of the area and the fifth, Alexander Anderson, was a resident of Sunderland, whose parents lived in Dunstan.

2. Three of the men were in the RAF, one in the RN and one in the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

3. Three of the men, representing each of the three services, were lost at sea. Alexander Anderson RN was lost when his ship enroute to Gibralter was torpedoed, George Robert Archbold RAF when his aircraft went missing on a journey from Devon to the Outer Hebrides and Charle Caisley RNF when, as a POW, his Japanese ship was sunk by an American submarine enroute from Burma to Japan.

4. Stephen Sinclair and Frank Watson died when their planes were shot down, Stephen over France and Frank over Germany.

5. Conversations within the local community have led to the compilation of a list of thirty nine people from the area who were in the services during WW2.

6. This included four women, one of whom served in the ATS and the others in WAAF.

7. Of the men, nineteen were in the army, eleven in the RAF and six in the RN.

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