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Whin Hill

Written in 1957, Eva Archbold's history of the village notes:

"William Gibb Dawson, my great g. father in his diary states that in 1847 Eliza Archbold gave up the Public House (This was Scott the builder’s house not the present pub) This is the same Eliza who sat on the keg of gin which had been smuggled into the house. The story is – Into the house of one Eliza Archbold a keg of gin had been smuggled. On hearing that the ‘preventative’ man was approaching, she picked up her infant and sat on the keg hiding it with her long skirts. Sitting completely at ease as she gave the babe her breast she told the officers to, ‘Have a good look round.’ This he did and when the search was over she asked, ‘Well hev ye fund out?’ ‘Not a thing,’ replied the man, ‘You’re all right.’

The wife of ‘Ralph the Briton’ was called Eliza. Whether this was the same Eliza as yet I am unable to say. (Yes, this Eliza was the one mentioned) This Ralph was Ralph Archbold, he built the house now owned by Scott the Butcher. Above one of the windows is inscribed ‘R.A. 1823’. This house was the infant school in the 1870’s. My uncle George Taylor and my mother went there. A Miss Robinson used to teach my uncle. (Started June 3rd 1867 until 1882)

The two houses adjoining the butchers were built by William Simpson the one next to Scott, the one at the end by William Smailes. 1957 sees the one next to Scott’s as my brother’s joiner’s shop, while he lives in the end one."



A Craster Panorama

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