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Archway - Tower Bank
Art Gallery
Captain Craster Memorial
Chapel Row
Church Street
Coastguard Cottages Coquet View
Craster Tower
Craster Village
Distant Shores
Dunstanburgh Castle
Dunstanburgh Road
Haven Hill
Iron Age Settlement
Jolly Fisherman
Little Adam's House
Memorial Hall
Methodist Chapel
Middle Rigg
Quarry, Aerial Ropeway and Bins
Radar Station
Reservoir 'Tank'
Robson's Smokehouse
St Peter the Fisherman
The 'Shute'
The 'Square'
Summer House
We Can Mind the Time
West End Cottages
Whin Hill
World War Two

Local History Walk

The intention here is to give an insight into the history of the village through its buildings, past and present. This project will be published here as progress is made. By doing so we hope to enable any one who is interested, to contribute.

The following map shows the locations of places of interest on a Craster History Walk.

The map is organised so that the locations can be visited in numerical order.
Locations 1 to 3 (and 29) can be seen on the way into the village.
The walk in the village begins in the public car park (no. 4) and reaches up to No. 28.
The final numbers, coloured black are included to draw attention to locations of interest in the area that are accessible from the village on foot.

View Local History Walk in a larger map

It is planned that each entry will contain an image and a short piece of text. To find out more about a place of interest, return to this page and follow the link in the side menu.

To make a contribution to our research, please get in touch with

Craster Village from an O.S. map of 1897

"Reproduced from the 1897 Ordnance Survey map with the kind permission of Ordnance Survey"

The oral history project undertaken by the Craster Community Development Trust, culminating in the publishing of its research in 'We Can Mind the Time' in 2005 is an excellent source of information about Craster's past. This work has been used to inform the text on this site.

A Craster Panorama

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