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A list of lives lost at sea compiled by Eva Archbold

1826 February 11th

            David Archbold 26yrs Son of Thomas Archbold and Jane Douglas

1833 June 21st

            Ralph Archbold 19yrs Son of William Archbold and Jane Robson

1850 December 11th

            Thomas Archbold  Grandfather of Thomas William Archbold (Bowline)

1864 April 14th

            Thomas Archbold 49yrs Son of Thomas Archbold
            Thomas William Archbold  17yrs Son of above and Margaret Gibb
            Thomas Smailes 22yrs
            William Smailes 20yrs  Brothers, Also nephews of Thomas Archbold 49yrs.

1871 December 26th

            John Simpson Left widow and 8 children, 9th expected
            Robert Smailes Left widow and 2 children, 3rd expected
            John Smailes not married

1884 March 31st

            Edward Archbold Son of John Archbold and Elizabeth Archbold
            William Archbold Son of above
            James Archbold 53yrs (Solomon) Son of Ralph Archbold

1913 May 6th

            John Archbold 65yrs Son of John Archbold and Elizabeth Archbold
            Thomas William Archbold 39yrs Son of above Left widow and 2 children
            Edward Archbold 35yrs Son of above Not married
            Father and two sons, natives of Craster, drowned at Blyth

1928 February 9th

            Thomas William Archbold (Bowline) Son of George Archbold
            James Sanderson Son of James Sanderson
            William R. Stephenson Son of W. Stephenson
            None married

List compiled by Eva Archbold

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