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Craster Local History Research Group (CLHRG)

The group was established at the 2012 AGM to provide a forum for researching Craster's past and to establish a structure giving accountability to the committee and membership of the CLHG for the work undertaken.



To research, preserve and to publicise Craster’s historical heritage.
To provide a forum that supports this primary objective.


The CLHRG would be a sub-group of the Craster Local History Group (CLHG).

At the A.G.M. of the CLHG, in addition to the traditional officers, a person would be elected by members of the CLHG to act as Secretary for the  CLHRG, who would sit on the CLHG Committee.

This person’s specific responsibilities for the CLHRG  would be to:

1. Organise the meetings of the CLHRG
2. Support the workings of this group
3. Ensure the group's accountability by presenting reports on the CLHRG’s activities at the CLHG’s committee meetings and A.G.M.


The group is primarily intended for those who are interested in working actively to promote the stated objectives of researching, preserving and publicising Craster’s historical heritage.

Meetings and involvement in the group would be open to any member of the community who has an interest in supporting the group’s objectives and not limited to members of the CLHG.

There would be two meetings each year. The first on the first Monday in March and the second on the first Monday in October.

These would be informal meetings that give members opportunities to:

1. Set priorities for the group
2. Plan collaborative projects
3. Share their work with other members of the group
4. Give presentations about their own work
5. Develop research skills.

It is expected that the findings of research conducted by the CLHRG would be offered as contributions to the CLHG’s programme of talks.


It is not proposed that, as a sub-group of the CLHG, the CLHRG charges any ‘subs’.

It is proposed that the rental of the hall for its two meetings each year would be covered by the CLHG.

If activities were proposed that entailed any costs the CLHRG would be free to ask for the support of the CLHG or, with its support, seek outside funding.

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