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Northumberland Coast AONB Grant

An opportunity arose in 2009 to secure a grant from the Northumberland Coast AONB which was pursued and brought to a successful conclusion.

The committee of the Group, who are responsible for assembling and making the practical arrangements for the Group's programme of activities, have become increasingly aware of the need for a digital projector. A piece of equipment that is becoming more and more necessary to support visiting speakers, who rely on this equipment to show digital images and presentations in various formats.

Additionally, the committee realised that in order to meet the goal of supporting members of our Group in sharing their research as part of our programme, that the same equipment was essential.

A digital projector is of course not sufficient on its own, it requires a laptop to 'drive' it. In seeking the find grant aid to purchase this equipment, the committee took the strategic view that a laptop requires essential software in order to be a useful piece of equipment and thus various pieces of software were included in the grant application. The intention here was to purchase a range of software that would provide a broad range of uses including as a research tool, an electronic archive and the capability to write web pages and web sites.

The need for this equipment is not confined to the History Group, any of the groups using the village hall have uses for this equipment. For this reason and because the AONB wants to see the value of any grant dispersed as widely as possible, the equipment will be available to other groups in the village. This was an important factor in the decision of the Craster Community Development Trust to support the purchase of the equipment with a grant from its funds.

The costs and funding look like this...

Cost of hardware and software

History Group contribution
Craster Community Development Trust grant
Northumberland Coast AONB Grant



In order to secure the grant from the AONB we had to explain what we wanted the equipment for. This explanation is summarised above. They also wanted us to specify some 'outcomes' that would be achieved over a reasonable period of time. These outcomes reflect the fundamental objectives of the History Group as follows:

1. A series of public illustrated talks.
2. Illustrated local history walks.
3. A growing data base of evidence and writing about Craster’s heritage published on the Group’s pages on the Craster Community Development Trust’s website

To secure the grant from the AONB we had to submit an 'Expression of Interest'. That was positively received by the AONB and they then asked us to submit a formal application. These two documents may be downloaded as Word documents from the following links:

Expression of Interest

Grant Application

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