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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 19th November, 2012

Present: Robert Twyford (in the Chair),  Mike Findeisen (Hon Secretary),Alexa Nesbit (Hon Treasurer), Heather Lee (Committee Member) and 20 Members.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Margaret Kilvington, Joyce and Jim Shaw.

2. The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 21st November, 2011 were proposed by Heather Lee and seconded by Kathleen Waters to be confirmed as a correct record. They were then signed by the Chairman. The only matter arising from the Minutes concerned the proposed visit to Ford and Etal, which had to be cancelled because of lack of support. It was hoped that our outside visit this year which has yet to be decided would be better supported.

3. Election of Officers and Committee Members. These were at present as follows:

            Chairman                     Robert Twyford
            Hon Treasurer             Alexa Nesbit
            Hon Secretary             Mike Findeisen
            Committee Member    Heather Lee
            Committee Member    Joyce Shaw

Whilst Alexa, Heather and Joyce had agreed to continue Robert  and Mike had said they would like to stand down. Volunteers had been invited to fill these positions but so far none had been forthcoming.  In the event both Robert and Mike agreed to continue for this year.  As no other nominations had been received for any of  other posts on the Committee it was proposed by Michael Gibbs and seconded by Barbara Cato that they be re-elected which was carried unanimously. The Committee for the forthcoming year will be comprised as follows:

Chairman: Robert Twyford
Hon Treasurer: Alexa Nesbitt
Hon Secretary: Mike Findeisen
Committee Member: Joyce Shaw
Committee Member: Heather Lee.

4. The annual accounts for the year 2011/12 were distributed to those present. These showed a current balance of £620.22, an increase of £69.57 from last year.. In order to make provision for any unforeseen expenditure it was proposed by Peter Humble and seconded by Rosemary Gibbs that the subscription should remain at £15, which was carried unanimously.

5. An additional item had been included regarding the Projects undertaken. The Chairman invited Peter Howard to give a resume of the current position. Peter explained that in 2009 four projects were started, namely creation of a Website, recording of Archives, a War Memorials Project and creation of Local History Walks leaflets. The Website was now up and running and contained information concerning the activities of the Group. Much progress had been made in obtaining photographs and other historical documents and it was hoped to lodge these in the County Records at Woodhorn.  However some problems had arisen concerning copyright of  material whose origin was unknown. Woodhorn would not accept these without copyright agreement which we could not give. The War Memorials project had collected a large amount of information concerning our war dead in both World Wars. A draft of a Local History Walk around the village was shown.  This included details of many sites around the Village, including the account of the death of Captain Craster in whose memory the Harbour had been built. This leaflet would be made available for sale at the Tourist Information Centre.  Peter then said that although he was happy to undertake much of the research work he felt that it should have some formal recognition within the Group. To this end he proposed the formation of a sub-group called the Craster Local History Research Group which would report the results of its activities to the History Group.  He displayed a draft Constitution for the Sub-Group which would meet twice a year. Membership could be either from within the History Group or from outside.  A Secretary would be elected at the AGM. Peter volunteered to undertake this role for the forthcoming year if agreed by the Group. It was proposed by Robert Twyford and seconded by Pam Owen that above proposal be adopted which was unanimously agreed.

6. There being no further business the formal meeting was closed. This was followed by an interesting and informative talk by Gordon Scorer on the Great Flood of 1771 in which there was much devastation of bridges and property along the Tyne and Wear rivers.  So violent storms like Sandy are nothing new!

This was followed by an excellent buffet supper provided by the Cottage Inn and members enjoyed a pleasant social gathering.

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