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Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 15th November, 2010

Present: Robert Twyford (in the Chair), Peter Howard (Hon Treasurer),  Joyce Shaw, Mike Findeisen (Hon Secretary) and 21 Members.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Michael and Fiona Craster. ..

The Chairman welcomed all those attending. He gave a brief resume of the year‘s activities, which had included a number of interesting talks and a very good visit to the Tynemouth Volunteer Brigade Museum. He thanked Peter Howard for his work as Treasurer and Mike Findeisen, Secretary and the other Committee members for their support.

2. The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 16th November, 2009 were proposed by Jim Shaw and seconded  by Joyce Shaw  to be confirmed as a correct record. They were then signed by the Chairman. There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

3. Election of Officers and Committee Members. These were at present as follows:
            Chairman                 Robert Twyford
            Hon Treasurer          Peter Howard
            Hon Secretary          Mike Findeisen
            Committee Member   Heather Lee
            Committee Member   Joyce Shaw

The above had agreed, if re-elected, to continue to serve for the next year. It was proposed by Jim Shaw and seconded by Gordon Scorer that they be re-elected and this was carried. .

4. The annual accounts for the year 2009/10 were distributed to those present. Peter Howard explained that after taking into account two outstanding items we had a current surplus of £583 at the end of  September, at which date the accounts had been closed so that bank statements could be available for the AGM. The balance last year was £312 so we had increased our funds by £271. Peter did not envisage any major items of expenditure, although there a few IT items which he wished to purchase, though these were all relatively minor. In view of our financial position the Committee were proposing that the subscription for 2010/11 should be reduced to £10 for one year only. There was some concern among members about this, Michael Gibbs pointed out that with rising costs it was always advisable to have a healthy reserve.  Other members tended to agree. After some discussion it was proposed by Michael Taylor and seconded by Michael Gibbs that the subscription remain at £15.  This motion was carried by a show of hands and the subscription for 2010/11 would therefore remain at £15. Peter  thanked Michael Gibbs for his services as auditor and it was agreed to reappoint him for the next year. Peter also explained that the financial arrangements for the purchase of the IT equipment had been finalised and that the equipment had been put to good use throughout the year. The Group’s website was taking shape and the plan to convert our archives including “We can mind the Time” to digital format for lodging at Woodhorn was proceeding. The production of our Guided Walks was also in hand.

5. Mike referred to the future programme on the reverse of the Agenda and explained that the vacancy for a meeting on 21st March had been filled by a talk by Gordon Scorer on the Tyneside industrialist Sir Ambrose Crowley and Clockburn Lane. No decision had been taken on our outside visits and members were asked for suggestions. Possible ideas were a conducted tours of Chillingham Castle,  Dilston Castle near Corbridge and Norham Castle.  Also there was a possibility of a “behind the scenes” visit to RAF Boulmer. These options would be investigated and a decision made later. The revised programme is given below.

6. No items had been submitted for discussion under Other Business, .

7. There being no further business the meeting was closed.

The meeting was followed by two short talks, one by Steven Reeve on the early radars of World War II one of which was at Craster, and an interesting talk by Pam Owen on the history of Dunstan School based on archive research.

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