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The Living History project conducted by the Craster Community Development Trust, which culminated in the publication of 'We Can Mind the Time', was intended to preserve the recollections of Craster residents and that part of Craster's history that is within living memory. By preserving those memories in the book, the audio tapes and the related website, this project was very successful.

The archive project was initiated at the 2009 AGM. It addresses that part of Craster's history that is on paper, in the form of photographs and documents. However, we are also interested in people's memories and accounts of this paper record. For example, where photographs include family members we are seeking to record their names and stories.

The objectives of this project are to:

1. Locate documents and photographs that inform Craster's history.
2. Preserve these items by taking digital copies or caring for any originals made available to us.
3. Make these items accessible by storing them in a managed archive.

A number of people have made family photographs available and these have been scanned and stored digitally. A very small number of documents have been entrusted to the History Group.

The first of these, papers from Craster Coastguard, have now been lodged with the Northumberland Archive at Woodhorn. Our contributions to the archive can be accessed by using Craster Local History Group as a search term on their web site. As further documents are added, they will all be listed as an outcome to that search.

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