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Craster Local History Group

The Craster Local History Group was formed in 2006 with the objective of promoting interest in the history of the North East with particular reference to the Craster area.


The objectives of this project are to:

1. Locate documents and photographs that inform Craster's history.
2. Preserve these items by taking digital copies or caring for any originals made available to us.
3. Make these items accessible by storing them in a managed archive.

Craster War Memorials

The Craster War Memorials Project represents an act of remembrance; to ensure that the men of Craster who died serving their country are remembered in a more complete way than simply as a list of names.

To this end we have sought to discover as much as we could about the men, their families and their personal circumstances.

Local History Walk

The intention here is to describe a history of the village through its buildings, past and present.

This project is, as yet, at an early stage of development, but will be published here as progress is made. By doing so we hope to enable any one who is interested, to contribute.

To make a contribution, please get in touch with the site administrator.


[A collection of miscellaneous matters; matters of various kinds. (1913 Webster)]

These pages are here to provide a direct link to matters of interest as they arise.

Members on the very enjoyable History Group visit to Blyth Battery in July 2013.

Our visit to Blyth Battery in July 2013

Craster fishing fleet in the harbour C1910

Craster Local History Group is now on Twitter

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